Infinity Media, founded in Barcelona in 2008, is an unequivocally groundbreaking media agency. Since its creation, the philosophy that permeates the agency is local leadership with global vision, serving no interests other than those of its own customers and maintaining a flexible structure and mentality, easily adapted not only to the needs of each brand but also to the continuing rapid evolution in the world of communications and media planning. The heart of our endeavour is to innovate, to challenge conventional paradigms and strategies, to explore new areas of connection between people and brands and effectively guide clients in their communication and media strategy.

The driving force, the machinery that makes it possible to carry out this task successfully, is none other than the professional talent of our people – true specialists and experienced explorers of the world of brand communication and media planning, committed to the client’s goals and open to all manner of approaches and working structures based on collaboration and co-creation with multidisciplinary teams.



Far removed from the stock market and financial commitments that large corporations are conditioned by, Infinity Media devotes all its resources to achieving the objectives of its clients and answers to no interests other than those involved in increasing brand value in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.


The agency’s whole team has undertaken a commitment to a single guiding principle: achievement of the client’s communication and media objectives and absolute thoroughness in fulfilling the commitments made by the agency.


Curiosity, the concern for innovation, is one of the main attributes of Infinity Media’s makeup. Born in the digital age, it is inherent in Infinity’s nature to explore, without losing sight of efficiency and competitiveness in its approach to the communication actions that the agency proposes.


Establishing, strengthening and maintaining relationships with our different partners based on honesty and total transparency is one of the fundamental precepts of the agency. This enables us to exercise full and complete control with regard to decisions involving risk, and to respond to the clients’ needs in an innovative, creative and efficient manner.


Infinity Media is a welcoming, approachable agency, open to dialogue, where all types of ideas and suggestions are noted and discussed and answers are provided skilfully and immediately to any question or observation.

Flexibility and Custom Service

The agency has made a clear commitment to a flexible structure, adaptable to the needs of each client, avoiding routine solutions and work processes. This flexibility also enables the agency to adapt easily to changes in the field of communications and to new work trends in multidisciplinary teams.

  • effective solutions for communication and media management
  • An urge to innovate
  • Custom service for each case
  • A local agency with global vision
  • Talent as the key to success

Infinity Media is an advertising communication and media planning agency. Infinity is independent, local and has global vision.
We believe in transparency, innovation, flexibility in service and creation of brand value.

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